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Cocoon Technologies was established to save lives during traffic stops.

Cocoon Technologies was established to save lives during traffic stops.

Bisexual support worker cum aesthetician Cara describes showcasing on I Kissed a Female as the “option of a lifetime time”, taking into consideration she comes from a the modest town in Northern Ireland. She’s received few lesbian buddies and is however finding her feet when it will come to relationship.

Having said that, she’s recognized for currently being the everyday living of the bash, so she’s very likely to match suitable in. Lisha, 22, psychology undergraduate. Lisha from Caernarfon, in Gwynedd, Wales, has been a “tomboy” since childhood, and enjoys a sport of soccer – so it appears to be likely she and Ga will get on very well.

She generally goes for female ladies, and prefers using on the dominant purpose in a marriage. But she’s keen to express her female facet, way too. Meg, 24, hearth breather.

  • Is it all right thus far somebody else with assorted cultural beliefs?
  • Can it be okay currently a person with some other food personal preferences?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of online dating services?
  • Exactly what are the signs of a partnership growing to be extremely routine?
  • Can i get a handle on an associate with frustration administration conditions?
  • How worthwhile could it possibly be having identical fitness goals inside a spousal relationship?
  • Could it be good so far someone else with a medical history of violence?

Ways to contend with somebody who seems to be very impulsive?

Red-incredibly hot Yorkshire lass Meg claims to provide the “heat” into I Kissed A Female . While she sees herself as a “house human body”, she spends her time travelling the entire world in her wild profession as a fireplace breather. She describes herself as bisexual with a “preference toward women of all ages” and is seeking for somebody who “matches her vitality” and is prepared to settle down.

A few of the indications of a narcissistic team up?

Naee, 25, Engineer. Naee is proud to be representing masculine lesbians of color, who are rarely observed on Television. She spends her operate hours correcting the rides at some of London’s major tourist attractions, and when it comes to relationship, she’s only fascinated in finding a femme woman who she can deal with as a “princess”. She’s close to her spouse and children, and says she’s grateful for how accepting they are, thinking of their Jamaican heritage.

Examples of the signs and symptoms of someone with confidence matters?

Abbie, 24, makeup artist and hair stylist. Abbie is a Brighton-based girly who thrives in the city’s lively queer scene.

She owns a hair salon and is tremendous female, to the position that she finds herself continuously obtaining to come out, mainly because folks do not are inclined to feel she’s a lesbian. I Kissed A Girl contestant Abbie. (BBC)She’s fascinated in sporty, masc girls and wishes to be “handled like a princess” – if she can develop into a WAG a single working day, that would be a plus.

Amy, 24, social media manager. Surrey social media supervisor Amy promises “boots, boobs and a boat-load of banter”. She’s a “hopeless romantic” who has two sisters, both of those of whom are also lesbians – even though Amy describes herself as “a homosexual guy trapped in a lesbian’s physique”. She’s enjoyable, flamboyant and femme, and is attracted to very similar women. Priya, 23, lodge buyer provider.

Self-confessed “daddy’s girl” and Newport resident Priya desires to deliver queer South Asian illustration to the BBC. She’s opinionated, self-confident and nicknamed “Priyoncé” by her liked kinds, since she’s a supreme diva. She’s struggled to discover queer women of all ages to hook up with in South Wales, but appreciates when she does discover another person, she’s probably to drop rapidly. Eva, 22, manner graduate. Belfast belle Eva is set to shake issues up on I Kissed A Lady , due to the fact she’s a shock late arrival. She describes herself as “the greatest flirt going”, with the two masc and femme power.

Plus, she has a love of soccer, so she’s very likely to be of desire to rather a couple of girls in the masseria, which will be intriguing, considering they’ll all be paired up by the time she arrives. I Kissed A Woman will be narrated by lesbian TikTok comic and presenter Charley Marlowe, who has promised truck-masses of “drama”.