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Cocoon Technologies was established to save lives during traffic stops.

Cocoon Technologies was established to save lives during traffic stops.

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Our team is hard at work creating proprietary solutions to revolutionize policing for the sake of citizens—civilians and law enforcement officers. 


Both motorists and Law Enforcement Officers have been murdered during traffic stops. Over the course of a ten-year period, the top 30 cities spent over three billion dollars ($3B) on police misconduct settlements. Police stop 32 million drivers a year. African Americans are approximately 14% of our nation’s population but are 20% more likely to be stopped than white Americans. In 2020 alone, 1,200+ Americans died in interactions between police and civilians—400+ unarmed motorists killed by police officers during non-violent pursuits. Roughly, 60 police officers have been killed by motorists in the last 5 years during stops, primarily by gunshots. In 2020, 460+ police died from COVID.
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LARA (License and Registration Ap) is a software solution that averts death, danger, and disease by keeping physical distance between humans and lethal weapons during low-level traffic stops thereby saving lives and reducing the probability of wrongful death lawsuits against municipalities.

Cocoon Tech’s contactless policing solution, LARA (License and Registration App) is ready for review by federal, state, county, and local officials in government and law enforcement, as well as, viable strategic partners. Click here to complete our information form. One of our representatives will contact you upon submission of our form. Thank you.

LARA Roadmap

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